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Secret Agents - Case of the empty tomb (Holiday Club 2020)

Children aged 4-11 are invited to come along to a holiday club top secret mission in February half term. There'll be spies, detectives, secrets, messiness, games, crafts, challenges, drama and a mission to find out if Jesus really did rise from the dead! There is a family meal on the Saturday, where would love you to join us for a fun-filled finale to the holiday club with food and games for the whole family.  

There is no charge for the holiday club and drinks and snacks are provided each morning. Children will not need to bring a packed lunch as the holiday club finishes before lunchtime. Your children may like to come along dressed up to match our secret agent theme, but there is no pressure to do so. Please get in touch with Heather () if you have any questions or sign up below.

We will also be running a breakfast club before holiday club from 8:30-9:15am. Please indicate on the form if you would like your child to attend. This is also free. The children will be given cereal and/or toast and a drink. 




Wednesday 19th Feb 9:15-12:30 Heaton Methodist Church, NE6 5JX
Thursday 20th Feb 9:15-12:30 Heaton Methodist Church, NE6 5JX
Friday 21st Feb 9:15-12:30 Heaton Methodist Church, NE6 5JX
Saturday 22nd Feb  16:30-18:00 Heaton Methodist Church, NE6 5JX