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Home groups are essential to life at Christ Church, and we'd encourage you to join one. They are locally based groups of around a dozen people, meeting throughout the week, committed to three things:


Jesus told his followers that they would be recognised by their love for one another (John 13.35). Being in meaningful relationships with other believers is a basic part of what it means to follow Jesus. Home groups provide the environment in which we can support, provoke, love and encourage one another to live lives which honour God and love those around us.


We believe that God is a speaking God and that we can know him through his word: the bible. However, we don't just want to listen to God's word, but to be transformed by it and do what it says. In home groups we grapple together with what God has said in his word and with how that applies to our everyday lives.


Church is not a private members club. We want our friends, neighbours and local community to have the opportunity to find out who Jesus is and what it means to know and follow him. Home groups act as local hubs for us to get involved in loving and serving our neighbourhoods, as well as providing opportunities for our city to find out more about Jesus.

If you are interested in joining a homegroup please send us a message using the form below.

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